Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Kathryn's Bat Barakah

It was Kathryn's 16th birthday and we have decided that 21 sts are out and 16ths are in. We read some material about a ceremony for Christians who saw value in the Jewish tradition of Bat/Bar Mitzvah. A bar/bat Mitzvah literally means becoming a son or daughter of the law or covenant. We do not necessarily want our children to become children of the law but have found an alternative called Bat/Bar Barakah which means becoming a son or daughter of the Blessing. We wanted to bless our children at this stage of their lives when we acknowledge them as leaving childhood and entering adulthood. Kathryn had her ceremony on Saturday 29 September. Click here to see some of the pics

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Anonymous said...

I think your pics. are adorable and I can't wait until I have my Bat Barakah in a few years. God Bless.